About Us

Why should you enroll your child at Nugent Music Academy?

When searching for the right Music Studio for your family, you may encounter many issues. We believe that our school has a unique approach to traditional music lessons, catered to your child's specific needs and learning strengths. Our Music Academy is built on a foundation of passion and love for music as it pertains to both building a child's confidence and creating future leaders. Here at Nugent Music, we firmly believe in the importance of challenging students while also making them feel at home. Our instructors will approach each day and individual lesson or class with every students individual goals in mind and will work to help them achieve these goals. Every student is unique, shouldn't their lessons reflect that?

At Nugent Music Academy, each of our teachers is hand-picked before joining our staff. We look for different attributes such as competency, patience, and, of course, a deep passion for music! We also understand that it is important for the instructor to be able to tailor curriculums to what suits the individual student best. Each new student comes into our facility with a slightly different goal in mind. Our job is to build each student up to be the very best musician they can be, no matter what style of music they like!

We offer a trial-lesson, which requires no registration fee and allows your child (and you!) to get a feel for our teachers and classes. We know that once you come in and see our classes and teachers in action that you will want to stay! These points along with our no-contract policy is our way of saying we really do care about your decision for your child's musical development. Our instructors will always work hard to keep every student engaged and encouraged in their music lessons. Please let us know if you have any other questions about our school. We would love to have you join our family here at Nugent Music Academy!

From our family to yours, Thank you for visiting our website! We hope to see you soon ;)