Private Lesson Instruction

Lessons are offered for 30/45/60 minute sessions once a week and are available for the following instruments:

Bass Guitar

What are private lessons? Private lessons are one-on-one individual lessons.

Who are private lessons for? Private lessons are for students who require more specialized attention for a variety of reasons. If you're not sure your child is old enough please contact NMA at (318) 473-9999 - we'd be more than happy to walk you through the practice requirements and expectations for the various programs in the Academy. 

What will students learn in private lessons? Students learn basic musicianship, practice skills, note reading, rhythm reading, technique specific to their instrument, music history and more.

What are the instrument and practice requirements for private lessons? Students are required to have an instructor approved instrument at home. Instruments need to be brought to weekly lessons (except for piano and drum students). Amplifiers are provided if needed for guitar students. Anyone taking private lessons should plan on practicing a minimum of 30 minutes a day, 7 days a week. More time may be necessary depending on skill level and is up to the instructor's directions.

What if we need to miss a class? Make up lessons are at the instructor's discretion if there is an emergency. In case of illness Zoom/Facetime/Skype lessons are available at the student's regular lesson time as long as the instructor has advanced notice that the student will be absent.

How much are private lessons? The price changes depending on the lesson length. Please view the chart below for more information. Amounts are pro-rated when students begin later in a semester. (Each semester will have 17 sessions as listed below.)

When are private lessons? Private lessons meet once a week at a pre-determined time that is decided on by the student and the instructor. During the sign-up process you will be asked to provide days of availability. NMA will contact you with further scheduling information after the registration fee and sign-up form are received. 

How do I register for private lessons? You can sign up by clicking this link! Please don't hesitate to contact NMA at (318) 473-9999 if you'd like more information or have specific questions.

Click here to sign up for private instruction!

30 minute lessons, 17 sessions for $403.75
 or pay 5 equal installments of $85.00
45 minute lessons, 17 sessions for $605.62
or pay installments of $127.50

1 hour lessons, 17 sessions for $807.50
or pay installments of $170.00. 

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