Dog Days at the Academy

Saturday, July 27, 2019 | just for fun

There was a VERY fun break at the Academy this afternoon. 2 (!!!!) doggos got to visit and were showered with laughter and love while all the people were showered with love and puppy licks. Finn (the goldendoodle in the top picture) even tried to play "Eye of the Tiger" on boomwhackers with all of us, but he's not the best at keeping a steady beat just yet. Maybe next year when he's a little older. Penelope (the malshi) couldn't quite fit a boomwhacker in her tiny little dog mouth, but we're going to try her on a bell kit at some point - the mallet is basically a stick! 

It's Not Always Work!

Thursday, July 25, 2019 | just for fun

Many people can tell you absolute horror stories of being forced to practice and hating music lessons - and that's clearly no good for anyone, right? The young student eventually grows up and may have a real distaste for playing music. Maybe they feel like a failure because they gave it up. (Maybe their parents or teachers feel like failures too.) Ever heard a version of this story? We firmly believe that music should never feel like that. It should be fun, memorable, enjoyable, life-changing, and self-affirming. It should lead to better things in people's lives like the ability to feel empathy, a future career, or learning how to be a member of a team. We can't promise that every lesson will be a mind-blowing experience or that they'll go on to sell out huge arenas - but we absolutely can promise to produce future music makers who care about music, education, and the people around them.