Getting Into the Community at the VA

Wednesday, July 31, 2019 | performance, community

It's great to use playing music as a relaxation technique or a creative outlet, but there's just something extra special that happens when you share music with other people! Playing in front of an audience also builds self confidence and creates an excitement that is hard to match with other hobbies. Several students were able to share their gift recently at the Veterans' Affair long-term care wing for residents, workers, family members, and friends! There were some super fun water-themed songs with titles like "Lakeside Tranquility" and "Under the Sea" along with patriotic classics like "Battle Hymn of the Republic" and "God Bless the USA" (featuring Daniel Collins' vocal talent!). The Nugent Girls and the Boomwhackers made an appearance on "Eye of the Tiger" - Ms. Tanya even played the bell kit! Check out the performances on the NMA facebook by clicking this link!

Thank you to the students for loving music and sharing it with others, their parents for driving them there and knowing the importance of music lessons, and everyone at the VA who allowed us to come perform! We had a blast and it was a wonderful experience!

Fall Semester Starts Soon

Tuesday, July 30, 2019 | news

We are rapidly approaching the end of summer and school will be back in session in two weeks - where did the time fly? Summer was a total blast at NMA this year - there were camps and puppies that came to class and new Early Ears groups and summer music fun, but what's next? Well...........

Have we got some news for you this year. 

As you've probably already noticed, NMA now has an active website! Class and lesson information is available online, along with the ability to pay, view the calendar, correspond with instructors and more. We've spent the summer adding content and planning new programs for Fall 2019. And now here we are, almost there! 

So what else is new?

  • Regular guitar class is a thing of the past! We're absolutely still offering guitar lessons, but in a new Rock Band program - students will get to try out acoustic/electric/bass guitars, drums, keyboards and more! We talk about the "light up" effect a lot and it refers to that beautiful life-changing moment when you find something you love. Ms. Tanya has always had piano and Ms. Brittany feels that way about guitar but sometimes it takes a while for that affirming moment to happen. And thus, Rock Band has been born. There are different levels for different ages and ability and literally all instruments are welcome. If you're currently a private student and are interested in being a member of Rock Band 101 or 201, ask Ms. Tanya or Ms. Brittany for more information or check out the page here.
  • The Cenla Youth Choir is officially starting up!!! This program has been a few years in the making and is one of NMA's largest goals. Choir is an excellent way to introduce children to music, build social skills, and is a great way for us all to give back to the community. Learn more and join now by clicking this link!
  • Triple the amount of performance opportunities this year - we're adding more "coffee house" style nights in the recital hall and have some new venues around town. 
  • Fun "bring a friend" events and new incentives to play at home and gain more musical skills!

We hope you're ready, because we are! It's going to be the best year yet!

Dog Days at the Academy

Saturday, July 27, 2019 | just for fun

There was a VERY fun break at the Academy this afternoon. 2 (!!!!) doggos got to visit and were showered with laughter and love while all the people were showered with love and puppy licks. Finn (the goldendoodle in the top picture) even tried to play "Eye of the Tiger" on boomwhackers with all of us, but he's not the best at keeping a steady beat just yet. Maybe next year when he's a little older. Penelope (the malshi) couldn't quite fit a boomwhacker in her tiny little dog mouth, but we're going to try her on a bell kit at some point - the mallet is basically a stick!