It's Not Always Work!

Thursday, July 25, 2019 | just for fun

Many people can tell you absolute horror stories of being forced to practice and hating music lessons - and that's clearly no good for anyone, right? The young student eventually grows up and may have a real distaste for playing music. Maybe they feel like a failure because they gave it up. (Maybe their parents or teachers feel like failures too.) Ever heard a version of this story? We firmly believe that music should never feel like that. It should be fun, memorable, enjoyable, life-changing, and self-affirming. It should lead to better things in people's lives like the ability to feel empathy, a future career, or learning how to be a member of a team. We can't promise that every lesson will be a mind-blowing experience or that they'll go on to sell out huge arenas - but we absolutely can promise to produce future music makers who care about music, education, and the people around them.