Composer Bucks

Thursday, September 22, 2016 | Uncategorized

Happy Fall Y'all!

Today is the official first day of Fall and at Nugent Music and Audio we are excited to see what this fall has in store.

This semester we introduced a new reward incentive for our students.

Composer Bucks!

Composer Bucks: What You Need to Know

What are Composer Bucks? Composer bucks are Nugent Music Academy’s way of rewarding you for your hard work each week.

What do I do with my Composer Bucks? The Music Mart has a variety of gifts, toys, and snacks that you can buy with Composer Bucks. Visit the Music Mart and spend them just like cash!

How Do I Earn Composer Bucks? You can earn AT LEAST 5 composer bucks per lesson for the following:

  • 1 Composer Buck for coming to your lesson
  • 1 Composer Buck for bringing your positive attitude
  • 1 Composer Buck for completing goals set for assigned songs
  • 1 Composer Buck for being prepared with books and materials
  • 1 Composer Buck for every theory page

You can earn additional Composer Bucks by:

  • Memorizing an old song that you played before - 1 CB every 12 measures
  • Attend a Musical Performance (bring your teacher a program or a note from your parent) - 3 CBs
  • Write a 3 paragraph report on a Famous Composer (3 sentence paragraphs) – minimum of 3 CBs, maximum of 5 CBs
  • Send your teacher a link to a video of a famous performer that you watched and write 3 things that you noticed during the performance - 1 CB
  • Compose a new song - 1 CB every 12 measures
  • Teach yourself a new song - 3 CBs
  • Participate in a Performance (Play, Concert, Talent Show, Musical) - 5 CBs

Composer Bucks are the student's responsibility and we do not replace lost or stolen bucks.

Each child has a Composer Buck log and Bag in the back of their binders.

We hope you spend some Shumanns or Chopins with us at the Music Mart really soon!